Old Self

Sometimes I wonder where have my old self gone to. That younger version oozing in determination and drive to reach for the stars and climb the success ladder. That lanky fellow whose dream scares him off but doesn’t run away from it. I lost that self along the way, and my occasional encounter with him […]

Be You

There are words that are better left unsaid, actions left undone, and events left as they happened. You don’t need to explain everything to people. Let your story be told based on the unfolding of your own twists and plots. And you just have to be YOU. Because in the end, the only person you […]

I Made Up My Mind

(I claim no credit for the image used on this post.) I made up my mind. Our long conversations have already become mundane and boring; I no longer want to listen to your stories. Your smile no longer brightens my day. You no longer make me happy. And I’m no longer drawn to the smell […]