Lest We Forget

Tonight I made a revelation to myself.

It’s not how much you want to be with the person on the other line that kills you; it’s the thought that no matter the distance, happiness is within your grasp.

It’s a choice we make along with the many decisions in making the heart grow strong and brave, to weather the unknown, to sail away no matter the ocean of uncertainty.

It’s not the kilig sweet-nothings that makes us alive in the dead of night. It’s nothing compared to the thunders that roar from within, wanting to shout it out and break the deafening silence the heart has long been accustomed to.

Lest we forget, I’m writing tonight to etch how wonderful I felt—we felt. It was a collision of two universes, the grander it exploded, the mysterious it became.

Lest we forget, tonight was a happy night.

Winning In Accepting Defeat

There’s nothing like winning a mini hackathon. Nothing feels better than receiving that commendation from your boss for a well-deserved work. The ‘high’ in getting praises for giving your all in a competition erases every doubt that you have and reaffirms that little voice inside of you exclaiming “good job!”

But this piece is not for winners. This is for those who tried but never made it. This is for those who gave their best but was only second best. This is for those whose story is about giving the winner that applause and truly celebrating it.

Accepting defeat is equally regarded as winning. The only difference is the face of everybody’s crowd. With acceptance, you are your number one cheerleader patting you at the back for a good game.

It’s alright that you didn’t get the prize or the trophy. Life doesn’t end from sucking at things you want to be good at.

It’s okay that you failed. No success is made overnight. Not even the successes of the ones we celebrate mainstream.

Fail today. Learn from it. Work hard and be better tomorrow.That, for one, is a winning mentality.

Sprint Lessons

Two hours before we head home from work, we had a meeting with our boss to discuss things that happened in the last sprint. As a company engaged in developing software, we started adopting this project management approach to doing things.

Of course I don’t want to talk about coding and the likes of it, but allow me to share with you the immense power it has on me as the years go by and as we call it a day today.

Wednesdays are when we hold our sprint reviews to talk about our tasks, its status and progress, our achievements, our roadblocks. We basically talk about everything there had been in the past week.

As our boss was presenting, he mentioned the myth about multitasking and how it’s untrue. He said that truly we are only diminishing our ability to achieve more when we are doing too many things all at the same time.

He prodded on to explain that, in multitasking, we tend to lose momentum and instead we waste our time from switching to the tasks at hand. He gave exercises to prove the theory is indeed a fact.

As I reflect on what I did for the past week, I couldn’t help but agree to the claims. Had I been given the chance to focus on one thing, I would have done my task with quality and I would have done it productively.

I could have focused on diminishing spacing and designing issues head on, rather than putting them aside for the other tasks. I could have been more careful to consider testing the software before calling it done. My could-have list is endless.

Though a reality even my boss admitted, we can’t afford not to try to do multiple things at the same time sometimes. It’s a business demand. And given the fact that we are a startup, we have to make do with just the right and carefully chosen approach to doing things.

In a world where perfection is valued but reality of it being flawed and imperfect is less valued, our progress in creating and developing software is the right afterthought to this. Our progress is nonetheless the biggest win in every sprint. That for as long as we are not comfortable with the mediocre results, our flaws today are successes tomorrow. There is redemption in knowing the truth.

Finally, I went home inspired to be greater than today. To choose the least resistance. To be less perfect but improving.


There is no day that you don’t make us happy. You’re our happy pill, our fluffy bear, our stress reliever. You are sunshine. You are family.

You are our little proof that who you are is not what you are to us. You are loved. Always our fluffy girl.


It’s been quite a while since I last visited this blog. A lot has happened—good, bad, unknown, unexpected. But all of it served its purpose to where I am now.

One day, I wished reality has a different story. I used to live a life of wishful thinking, and I thought that was the end of it. I was so afraid I wouldn’t amount to anything or, at least, get out of that rabbit hole I was in.

But Genie is true. Now, that different story is me. I no longer wish to be a known writer, but I still write—I am now a software developer.

I didn’t wish for it. But that’s exactly the UNEXPECTED answer I deserved, and I love every bit about it.

Sometimes your dreams won’t come true and you’ll think it’s the end of it. Keep the faith and always be hopeful that one day you’ll deserve something much, much more better.

You may not know about it thinking ahead. But, looking back, you’ll see the whys and why-nots of things that went your way and made you who you are today. I did.

Be hopeful. Always.