Lest We Forget

Tonight I made a revelation to myself.

It’s not how much you want to be with the person on the other line that kills you; it’s the thought that no matter the distance, happiness is within your grasp.

It’s a choice we make along with the many decisions in making the heart grow strong and brave, to weather the unknown, to sail away no matter the ocean of uncertainty.

It’s not the kilig sweet-nothings that makes us alive in the dead of night. It’s nothing compared to the thunders that roar from within, wanting to shout it out and break the deafening silence the heart has long been accustomed to.

Lest we forget, I’m writing tonight to etch how wonderful I felt—we felt. It was a collision of two universes, the grander it exploded, the mysterious it became.

Lest we forget, tonight was a happy night.

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