Winning In Accepting Defeat

There’s nothing like winning a mini hackathon. Nothing feels better than receiving that commendation from your boss for a well-deserved work. The ‘high’ in getting praises for giving your all in a competition erases every doubt that you have and reaffirms that little voice inside of you exclaiming “good job!”

But this piece is not for winners. This is for those who tried but never made it. This is for those who gave their best but was only second best. This is for those whose story is about giving the winner that applause and truly celebrating it.

Accepting defeat is equally regarded as winning. The only difference is the face of everybody’s crowd. With acceptance, you are your number one cheerleader patting you at the back for a good game.

It’s alright that you didn’t get the prize or the trophy. Life doesn’t end from sucking at things you want to be good at.

It’s okay that you failed. No success is made overnight. Not even the successes of the ones we celebrate mainstream.

Fail today. Learn from it. Work hard and be better tomorrow.That, for one, is a winning mentality.

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