In the Dead of Night

Engulfed by the silence of the dead of night is a heart torn into pieces, incapable of repair. I know. Imagine how horrible that feels. Imagine how tormenting that seems to the soul. I can only sit here, look at the good old days, and crack a lonely smile, if there is ever a thing like that. “We all fall in love sometimes,” the song hums through the warping cord of my headset. I don’t know anymore wether it’s the silence that’s deafening or the emotions I get. But, sometimes, no matter how beautiful the story goes at some point, if you ain’t lucky, there will always be the sad ending of a life hitting you in the head, saying “it’s okay; life goes on anyway.”


The Reasons I love You

Today, I told you I love you.

I told you I love you because I can’t stop you from bothering me.

I told you I love you because I can’t stop missing you. I always miss you, even when I’m asleep. I don’t care if I’m suddenly awoken from my deep slumber as long as it’s your ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ or ‘I miss you too.’ I just can’t help it.

I told you I love you because you make me love seeing movies about love once more. You make me smile without a reason. You make me want you without a reason. And I’m okay with that.

Today, I told you I love you. But beyond today, I love you, and I’m keeping it that way.

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Perfect Timing Is Everything

(I claim no credit for the image used on this article.)

While many people have already met the love of their lives as of this writing, still many are on the waiting list, hoping for that one shot at love, and praying that one day they’ll also find their perfect match.

To those whose story is about collecting years and years of relationship milestones, I congratulate you for keeping it glued strong through the years. Whatever it is that keep you going, perhaps you can tell us a story or two on how to keep the fire of your love burning. I know there is just so much we can learn from you.

I also know that you can teach us a lesson or two about happiness and joys in life. Your stories are widely spread in the social media outlets, in TV dramas and ads, in books and magazines and in conversations that inspire the world. Simply put, we love hearing your stories.

But to those whose story is about keeping the wait, I salute you for enduring the months or years of hoping that someone will come along and fill the missing piece in your heart and life. I urge you to keep looking and never to lose faith and settle.

Because we can’t mistake love with our occasional encounter with heartbreaks and pains. When suddenly the man or woman we’re sleeping with is crossed off from the list, probably we’re not really meant to be with the person because the better one will come along. And we’re probably not going to come to that part of finding our greatest love if we’re tied to someone. Be bold to free yourself up from someone else.

Don’t bother thinking that you always end up with the wrong person. As they say it, each wrong person leads us to the right one.

Don’t bother thinking there is something wrong with you. Because for as long as you are your authentic self, you are on the right side of the lane towards the right love.

Everything is being honed to perfection in due time. Your love condition. Your maturity. Your resilience. Your faith. Everything. Even the very first encounter with the right love: the place, the exact time, and the exact words to say to each other. It will be the most beautiful feeling.

So save yourself; perfect timing is everything!


#PrayForDavao: What’s In It for Us?

(The image used was from one of’s photos on the bombing incident in Davao City, PH.)

The recent bombing in Davao City, PH is a proof that even one of the safest cities in the world is subject to threats and attacks of terrorism. That safety is everyone’s concern, regardless if you are the president running the country or the normal guy in the street giving no fucks about what’s happening around.

My heart goes to those who lost their loved ones to this heartless act. Surely, those innocent lives that were untimely gone because of what happened had families and friends of their own, just like everyone else. And I can’t imagine happening this to my family or to one of the people closest to my heart. Not even to you, stranger.

But do you know what’s sadder than the truth? It’s knowing that many lives had to die innocent and still many other had to give no fucks about it. Instead of realizing that what happened is a wake up call and be one against these global acts of terrorism, the same people are putting the blame on someone and pulling each other down.

Are we really that blind to see that it could happen to anyone? Does the terror of losing lives have to happen before our own eyes before we come to our senses and start to give a little sympathy and care? Does it have to cost that much?

This is not the right time to blame those in authority for failing to see this through ahead of time. This is not the right time to blame the president for leaving the city to become the president of the country. This is not also the right time to blame those people whose safety were compromised and lost their lives. Time and again, this is not a blame game, and this is not a time to be ignorant.

What we need is balls to be more aware about the global threats to our safety. This is high time to learn the lessons of the past and to re-learn in case we’ve already forgotten them. This is high time to stand up against terrorism.

#StayStrongDavao #PrayForDavao #PrayForTheWorld


What’s Killing Me

This distance between us is killing me. There is this element of longing that makes me want you more. Your eyes. Your lips. And your smile. Roll them into one and you are the most precious memory I have within me.

I say memory because I can only go back to when I was holding you close and tight in my arms. Memory, when remembered, is the only air lane that gets me to you each time I miss you.

This distance between us is killing me. And I’d die a thousand times over, trying to relive and remember us in a time when there can only be you, but away from me.


Old Self

Sometimes I wonder where have my old self gone to. That younger version oozing in determination and drive to reach for the stars and climb the success ladder. That lanky fellow whose dream scares him off but doesn’t run away from it.

I lost that self along the way, and my occasional encounter with him makes me look back in retrospect.

Each attempt to bring him back is a slap in the face. Because I no longer see him in me, even in the looking glass.

Be You

There are words that are better left unsaid, actions left undone, and events left as they happened.

You don’t need to explain everything to people. Let your story be told based on the unfolding of your own twists and plots.

And you just have to be YOU. Because in the end, the only person you have to be reconciled with is the self.